What is bitcoin reddit

What is bitcoin reddit

What are bitcoins When and who invented it

India is the country's currency rupee. And we use this currency everywhere. Because if we do not have money. So we cannot buy anything and if we have money. So we can take any kind of thing from it. And in today's time, all of us want to earn money. And you want to save your money and keep it safe too. So that when we need that money then we can use it and we keep that money in our bank account. 

So that our money is safe, but many times some people hack our bank account, debit card, ATM card etc. and withdraw our money. And the bank always tries to give the best and security to the customer. But even then it happens. And many times we are asking for money from another country. Or sending money to another country. So for that too we face many problems. And if we are asking for money from another country. So for that we have to pay some fees ..

But one such thing has been invented. Which if you ask him for money from another country. So neither do we have to pay for it and neither will you have any kind of trouble nor your money will be called black money, then today we will tell about one such thing which is very important for you to know. Huh. And you will probably know this but you will not know full details about it or you have only heard its name, we will tell you about bitcoin in this post, what are bitcoins. How does it work? And tell us about the invention of this.

Invention of bitcoin

First of all let me tell you what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is one such currency. Which you can use in any country. And can send money to any country. Or can order it. And this is the biggest thing about bitcoin. That if you use it to ask for money. Or send. So for this, you do not have to give any information about your personal details. Neither do anything more has to be done on this. .

It is a very easy currency available to transfer and take money. But no one owns this currency yet. Because the first bitcoin was invented in 2009. And more about Bitcoin and Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. And he wrote about the invention of bitcoin in 2009 over a website called P2P Foundation. Along with this, a link named Bitcoin.org was given on the website to download bitcoin software.

Bitcoins are being used around the world. And bitcoins are a very good currency. With which we can do all the work easily. But who owns it is invented. No one has been able to find it yet. But Satoshi Nakamoto definitely wrote about this invention. But where does Satoshi Nakamoto belong? 

What do you do. No one has come to know this for sure. Although Satoshi Nakamoto is telling his age 40 years and his country Japan. But no one knows this. Ki Satoshi Nakamoto is a man. Or are women Or a group name. No photos of Satoshi Nakamoto have been revealed yet. Everyone in the world is interested to know about Satoshi Nakamoto ..

And let's try it too. But it is not yet known about it. That is what almost all the people of the world think. After all, why is it invented after inventing such a big thing. But the biggest reason for this is being told. If bitcoin currency is used in almost every place, then in today's time there are as many banks in the whole world. They will stop and no one will use them, then a simple gesture is just towards this matter. 
That its inventions do not want to come before the world to save their lives for their safety. That is why even today it remains anonymous. Satoshi Nakamoto said. That he started inventing bitcoin from 2007. And told the world about it in 2009 and till 2010 he worked for bitcoin and after that no one has been able to know till date.

Only 21 million bitcoins exist. But this is not seen as a limitation. Because 1 bitcoin can be divided into smaller sub-units of bits with 1,000,000 bits. Bitcoins can be divided up to 8 decimal places (0.000 000 01). And potentially even smaller units under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto was a bitcoin whitepaper open to the public. Tesla's chief, Elon Musk, denied reacting to Satoshi Nakamoto after reacting to a blog post circulating on several crypto-currency sites. That he was the owner. There are many people who claim to be Nakamoto. Nothing really happens by claiming who Satoshi Nakamoto is. No one knows this yet ..

The value of the first bitcoin transaction was negotiated on the Bitcoinlam forum by individuals who bought two pizzas indirectly given by Papa John, a notable transaction of 10,000 BTC.

Bitcoin Amitabh Bachchan earned Rs 640 crore

What are bitcoins? How to earn today's rate and how to buy

Where Bitcoin is used ..
Bitcoins are like currency. Like we have more currency. Like the dollar and the rupee but we cannot take this currency in our hands. Can be stored in online wallet only. And this currency is used for calling or sending online payment. Or you can buy any kind of goods online through this currency. Or can sell. That is, it stays only on the Internet. And are online. And today many people in the world use bitcoin. Such as Online Online Developers, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profit Organisations etc. and Bitcoin are also known for global payments in the world ..

Like we use our own money for some other online shopping or any other work. So our bank account has to be given to him. Or we give him money from our bank account with credit card or any other thing. And we get all his records in our bank account. But there is no owner of bitcoin. One has to do only one thing to get a record of it. All its records are recorded in Public Ledger. Which is called Bitcoin "Blockchain". And with Bitcoin you do all kinds of online transactions. It keeps all its records. You can see all your records in Bitcoin "Blockchain". And that is the only proof. So that you can check your transaction and ..

Bitcoin price history bitcoin price

In today's time there is no cost of bitcoin. .Because there is no owner of bitcoin. Therefore its price fluctuates. Its price is not fixed. And a bitcoin costs around $ 1000. And if we price one bitcoin with money then it is about ₹ 65000. And it keeps growing. Or many times it also falls. No one has authority to control this. And we can only keep bitcoins in our wallet. There are many types of bitcoin wallets. For example, Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Online / Web-Based Wallet, Hardware Wallet can use any of these wallets. And in this you can create your account. And furthermore if you want to buy or sell bitcoins. Even then you need this wallet. And when you sell bitcoins. So the money you get from him. He can transfer to his bank account. And for this also you can transfer bitcoins only from wallet ..

Jan 2011 = 0.30 $
Jan 2012 = 6.20 $
Jan 2013 = 13.96 $
Jan 2014 = 716 $
Jan 2015 = 323 $
Jan 2016 = 455 $
Jan 2017 = 985 $
Feb 2017 = 1017 $
March 2017 = 1197 $
April 2017 = 1172 $
May 2017 = 1495 $
June 2017 = 2851 $
July 2017 = 2583 $
August 2017 = 3630 $
September 2017 = 4405 $
October 2017 = 5277 $
November 2017 = 6778 $
December 2017 = 14,267%
11 December 2017 = 17,549 $
Jan 2018 = 14,172 $

BitCoin Today Rate
What are the benefits of using bitcoin?

If you transfer money from bitcoin to any kind of account. So you have to pay very less money compared to transfer using debit card and credit card.
With bitcoin you can send money to any corner of the world. Or can order it. And that too without any hassle you can send money in very easy way. And can ask for ..
Like our bank account is blocked many times due to any problem. So if you create an account on top of bitcoin. So it is never blocked. You can always use that.

If you want to invest in Bitcoin for the long term. So you can get a lot of benefit from this. Because it has been seen in Record. Of Bitcoin price. They are growing So it can be done later. You get a lot of benefit from this.

What are the disadvantages of using bitcoin?

As we have already told you above. That there is no owner of bitcoin. If you invest in bitcoin. Or do you do some other work of this kind. So its price keeps fluctuating. For this you have to take a lot of risk
And if you get your account hacked due to some mistake. So you will lose all your bitcoins and you can never get it back. Because no one owns it. Therefore, you can not help in this ..

How to buy bitcoin

If you want to buy bitcoins in India. So how can you buy? Or from where you can buy this bitcoin. I am telling you below. If you want to buy bitcoins in India. So for this, I will tell you two websites, on top of which you can easily buy from bitcoin ..

1. Unocoin

This is a very good bitcoin company. And you can buy or sell bitcoins very easily. In this, you get different features from the Bitcoin company of other countries ..

Like if you pay in any way. So this bitcoin company does not have to pay any fee to you and if you are buying bitcoins in it. And on this you can also see the price at all times. And you can sell and buy your bitcoins by looking at that price. If you want to create your own bitcoins. So he can also ..
How Bitcoins Are Prepared .. - Some users work with their computers to verify transactions in peer-to-peer networks. These users contribute to the network with as much computing power. They get new bitcoins in the same proportion.

2. ZebPay

This is also a very good bitcoins company. You can easily buy and sell bitcoins. And you get a lot of convenience in this. And its features are also very good .. If you also want to buy bitcoins. So you can use this website ..

Its best thing is that it also has a mobile app. So that you can buy and sell bitcoins using your mobile.
There is also a lot of security in this.
It has the lowest rate in the market. And there is a Fastest way. So that you can buy bitcoins easily ..
You can also recharge your mobile DTH and others with the help of bitcoins.
You can also buy Voucher from Amazon, Flipkart and MakeMyTrip from it. So that you also save up to 10%.
So if you also want to earn bitcoins. Or want to use bitcoins.

 So you can buy bitcoins very easily from these websites. Today we have told you a very important information. In this post we have given you almost all the information about bitcoin. When was it invented We have told you the complete information about it. Perhaps you have never been able to get such good information about bitcoin before, if you like this information then do not forget to share and if you have any question or suggestion about it, you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below.

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