What is the difference between earphones and headphones

What is the difference between earphones and headphones

The differences between over ear or ear headphones.

On ear Earphones sit on the region around the ear, on the skull ,whereas on the ear headphones rest on the ear's cartilage. I find over ear headphones to be far more comfortable for extended durations since there's a lot less pressure moving against the ear.

They also give you that more natural "open" sound and often allow more of the surroundings in since they do not completely close off the environment like over ear versions. If you want portable earphones but don't like in ear models ,then on ear headphones is for you. With headphones ,you 'all have to look at how the speakers break against or around your ears. Usually less expensive and work best in quit surroundings.

Over ear headphones are very popular because they can provide a comfortable fit ,with innovative features like noise cancellation and hi fidelity noise over headphones. It has a 3 -5 inch speaker and cushion that encircle the ear. This is also referred to as the circumaural type. This style is best for medium to loud surrounding.

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