what is youTube Go

what is youTube Go

Today we will talk about what is Google's new application YouTube Go. Everyone will know about YouTube that it is Google's application which runs using the Internet and through which millions of people from all over the world can share and watch videos. Thousands of videos are present in You Tube, in which there are various types of Contents, from which we all get to learn a lot, new information is available and entertainment is also very much. Millions of members of You Tube who have registered in it upload thousands of videos every day, which people who are registered and unregistered around the world watch and enjoy these videos.

Nowadays the application of YouTube is already installed in all smart phones so that any person can easily watch videos of You Tube on their mobile. Like I already told that we can watch videos from You Tube only if our device has internet connection. Sometimes due to the slow connection of the Internet, the videos stop and wait, due to which there is a lot of difficulty in watching videos and it takes more time to watch small videos.

To overcome this problem, in 2014, Google added a new feature in YouTube, through which we can watch videos without Internet Connection, that too without buffering. To watch offline videos, we have to click on the arrow mark below the video and download it. After downloading the video, we can comfortably watch that video without internet.

What is youTube Go?

YouTube Go is an application created by Google that can work on any platform like Android and iOS. This application is specially designed keeping in mind the Indian users because in our country, there is a lot of Poor Internet Connectivity in many places due to which people are not able to watch and enjoy YouTube videos well. Keeping this in mind, Google has announced about this new app, which is designed to make YouTube's experience even better.

What are the features of YouTube Go?

1) YouTube Go is a normal app just like YouTube, where you can search for watching videos by writing in the Search Box. If your Internet is very slow, then you can download that searched videos and watch it without internet. And with the help of this app, you have to spend very little data to download videos, this is a very good feature of this app that you can easily download any videos like normal video without spending much data.

2) It happens many times that we search and download the videos we want to watch, but after downloading it shows that what we wanted to see is not present in this video. Therefore, whenever you want to download a video on YouTube Go, before downloading, you will get the option to preview where some 5-6 frames of that video will be seen by seeing which you will understand whether this video is of your use or not. After seeing that you can decide whether you want to download this video or not.

3) Another feature of YouTube Go is that even if your Internet Connection is Slow or is on 2G Network, your video will still not stop, just its quality will not be as good. But without any buffering, you can watch the entire video comfortably.

4) You can also share videos downloaded from YouTube Go with your friends and you will not need data at all to share. With the help of this app, you can also send videos and take videos from your friends. Even in YouTube, we can download videos but we cannot share it. You will get these features only on YouTube Go App.

youTube Go App has just been announced and it will be launched in India early next year. If you want to know about when this app will be launched and when it will be available in the market, then you can signup by going to Youtubego.com/Signup this link and enter your mobile number or email ID and click on OK option . As soon as this app is available, you will first get to know so that you can download and start using it.

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