Could living matriarchal improve society

When society was very, very patriarch like, we had bad consequences, women had less opportunity to grow, especially when that person’s definition of growth didn’t fit with society’s idea of growth.

A Matriarchy would have different but very similar results, I would imagine it would start with reducing men’s role in society, viewing them as unequal to women. Other things would probably happen, but I couldn’t give you a good guess considering it never really happened in history, at least not often enough for me to know about it.

Society works best when we understand such a simple but important to know idea; All human beings are moral equals, regardless of their skills or their bank account or their personality. All people that fit basic requirements (Age, legality, etc) Should have the same rights. And both a matriarchy and a patriarchy lead to an inevitability; the devaluation of human beings that are viewed as less than the dominant group.

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