Secrets are you hiding from your parents

My grades aren’t doing well this semester.

i know it’s nothing at all like what others have been saying on this question, some awful things.

I’m just pretty afraid of how it’s going to go down. i’m 20 years old and still so worried, i had amazing grades last year in college, now I’m a sophmore, 3rd semester and my grades are looking bad.

i don’t want to deal with that argument… My parents are the only people that I care about their opinions of me, my mother will be a little sympathetic, especially now, she just likes it when I’m home.

My father? I have no clue to be honest. It seems that I just take his criticisms far, far, harder than anyone else, my teachers, my friends, even mom….

I’m fucking 20 and i wish I could grow a pair and sleep fine…. I just want a pleasant, stress free Christmas… My clinical depression affected my grades but honestly I don’t care…

I just want to be free.

for the past 5 years now i have felt like my family life has been a never ending story about walking on eggshells. partly because of my endless secrets and lying to my parents about the smallest, most insignificant things.

They aren’t the type of people to talk about their feelings, and honestly, neither am I.

I’m just stressed out all the time. Every day I live in fear that my plans that I’ve bled for will collapse and I will be left with nothing.

I just hope that I will have a Christmas where I won’t feel on edge being in the house with the people I care the most about…

I really can’t take criticism anymore.

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